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Kanye West, PSY, & Ke$ha “Make The Most” Of The Daly Download!

When we last left the Daly Download, the boys of One Direction were dominating the chart with their latest single, “Live While We’re Young.” But now that all the countdown veterans have had a couple days […]


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Alex Clare, Ke$ha, & Kanye West Join The Daly Download “Clique!”

In case you weren’t aware, not just anybody can hang out on the Daly Download. It’s an elite group of artists who have managed to become the top five downloaded songs in Southern California. Some […]


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Kanye Drops “Cruel Summer” Onto Seena’s Playlist

Go ahead and judge Kanye for all of his mic-grabbing, Jesus-walking, Kardashian-loving antics but every time he releases a new song my insides still get all warm and fuzzy.  Face it, he’s made a major […]