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[Video] Beyoncé Gets Pulses Racing In New Pulse Perfume Commercial

[photogallerylink id=108048] After seeing a picture of the iceberg-looking monstrosity that is the bottle for [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Beyonce[/lastfm]’s new perfume Pulse, we were sort of afraid to smell the “electric new fragrance” from Beyonce even though […]


[Video] Justin Bieber Might Kiss You Somewhere, Someday If You Purchase His Perfume

[photogallerylink id=80457] Someday you might smell delicious enough to get a precious little neck nuzzle from [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Bieber[/lastfm], especially if you purchases his new perfume for young ladies called Someday. According to his new […]


[Music Video Premiere] Estelle, David Banner, & UK Unknown Daley Make Amazing Song For Mercedes

Commercials or songs written for promotional reasons are usually horrible in every way: lyrically, visually, and musically. But Mercedes-Benz got the use of advertisement as art so right this time. The expensive car makers re-did […]


[Video] Carson Daly: Jersey Shore Boys Catch Bieber Fever!

It’s full speed ahead for the 3-D release of the [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] biopic, Never Say Never.  You’ve probably seen previews for it everywhere and now some of our most infamous reality TV celebs are awkwardly professing […]


Justin Bieber To Team Up With Obourne’s For Best Buy Commercial For Super Bowl

The teen dream, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Justin Bieber[/lastfm] getting in touch with his inner bad boy, teaming up with the Prince of Darkness himself [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ozzy Osbourne [/lastfm]and his rockin’ wife and manager Sharon for a Best […]


B.O.B’s Pepsi NFL Commercial

[lastfm link_type=””]B.O.B.[/lastfm] has filmed a commercial for Pepsi to air during the NFL. He’s rapping about who will win the NFC playoffs and smoothly works Pepsi into it.


[Video] Beyoncé: New L’Oreal Paris “Feria” Commerical

We love [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Beyoncé[/lastfm] everything, so it doesn’t even matter that you will probably see Beyoncé’s new L’Oreal Paris Feria ad about five million times in the next year. We love her smile, her head […]


[Video] Carson Daly: Antoine Dodson on New CBS Show?

Ok, it may not be a REAL television show, but seriously, Antoine Dodson wasn’t kidding around when he told Carson Daly he was business-savvy because he’s been able to stretch his 15 minutes of fame […]


[Poll] AMP Mornings: Viral Video of the Day

I know, I know…Eva Longoria is totally gorgeous and pretty hilarious on Desperate Housewives, but let’s just say rapping isn’t her strongest suit.  Keep reading to watch this trainwreck!


AMP Mornings: Sesame Street Spoofs Old Spice!

Sesame Street has really upped its game in the last few weeks! First it made a scandalous music video with [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] and now Grover and the gang are spoofing the hilarious Old Spice commercials […]