Crank It or Yank It

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Timeflies’ “I Choose U”…Crank It Or Yank It?

Carson’s always on the hunt for new music and when he appeared on The Tonight Show Thursday, an electro-hip hop duo that was performing on the late night program really caught his attention. Timeflies took […]


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Carson Daly Plays ‘Crank It Or Yank It’ With The Great Gatsby Soundtrack!

Yesterday’s edition of “Crank It or Yank It” went so well, Carson decided to give it another go today! The Great Gatsby is not only cashing in at the box office, but also in record […]


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Carson Daly Plays “Crank It Or Yank It” With Sammy Adams’ “LA Story!”

This morning, Carson wanted to try something a little different, so he decided to revive one of his favorite radio games from back in the day…crank it or yank it! The concept is simple. Carson plays […]