[Poll] Carson Daly: Would You Dare To Wear Air Jordan High Heels?

It’s time for another morning show debate! They say the shoes make the man, or in this case, the woman. In fact, a new study claims the average U.S. female owns more than 17 pairs! […]


[Poll] Carson Daly: The Great Licorice Debate

[photogallerylink id=85539] If you could be a fly on the wall inside the AMP Radio studio, you’d hear the craziest conversations during the commercials of the morning show. We decided to discuss our latest debate on […]


[Poll] AMP Mornings: Jimmy McMillan Says “The Rent Is Too Damn High”

It’s almost November, which means election day is coming up.  Here in Los Angeles, we’ve been inundated with crazy political ads for all sorts of candidates and propositions, but we’ve got nothing on the gubernatorial […]