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Things To Stop Caring About In 2015

January is a great time to start treating ourselves better. That means quitting bad habits, reducing stress, and no more wasting time and energy on pointless tasks.


Sarah Carroll/AMP Radio

Producer Angie Gets Hypnotized Live On AMP Radio

Producer Angie is one of the most in-shape moms we’ve ever met, but you’d never guess that if you took a look at her diet.   She’s a self-admitted candy addict who has sworn off vegetables and […]


Photo by MARTIN BUREAU / Getty Images

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Los Angeles Residents: What is Gluten?

In Los Angeles, it’s pretty common for people to have very specific dietary needs. Whether it’s the paleo diet, veganism, going on a juice cleanse, or only eating raw food, you will find SOMEONE who […]


Bride and Groom

Bridezilla Asks Wedding Guests To Go On 3-Week Cleanse!

Many brides want to look their very best for their big day, but one so-called bridezilla is taking matters to a whole new level. Health and fitness expert Rainbeau Mars reportedly asked all her wedding […]



NYC Soda Ban Explained, Sort Of: Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

The New York City Board of Health approved a ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks last week…the first of its kind in our country. Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed this measure […]


Carson Daly

Carson Takes The Cholesterol Quiz: Did He Pass?

[photogallerylink id=82665] Carson likes to keep in shape, but according to his doctor, exercise just isn’t enough when it comes to lowering his cholesterol. All of our delicious Food Truck Fridays probably aren’t helping! He’s […]


Recessionista Recipes: 5 Cheap & Tasty Memorial Day Salads

Hearkening the beginning of summer, Memorial Day weekend is full of sunshine, pool parties, and tasty, tasty barbecue. Juicy meat straight off the grill; chips and dip; sugary margaritas. Not exactly the most nutritious options […]


Carson Daly: Food Truck Friday with Takosher!

After a little holiday break, Food Truck Friday is back in full force.  So what’s on the menu today? Some delicious and kosher-friendly tacos from Takosher!


McCabe Tries The Baby Food Diet

When our night guy McCabe heard about Carson putting me on the Baby Food Diet, he took up the challenge of giving it a try. I stopped by his show and captured his reaction here!


AMP Mornings: The Baby Food Diet

So Carson had this brilliant idea to put me on the “Baby Food Diet” since he read that Jennifer Aniston and possibly our favorite, [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm], are on it. There was a taste test we […]