Wyclef Jean Lashes Out On Sean Penn

[lastfm]Wyclef Jean[/lastfm] isn’t even on the ballot yet for Haiti’s presidential election, but that isn’t stopping him from slamming one of his most vocal and famous critics.


Wyclef Jean Appealing Haiti Presidential Ballot Decision

[lastfm]Wyclef Jean[/lastfm]’s bid to become Haiti’s next president hit a bump in the road when he was not included in the country’s list of approved candidates.  Why is the [lastfm]Fugee[/lastfm]’s frontman fighting this decision?


AMP Mornings: Be Earthquake Ready

With the recent SoCal earthquakes, it’s important to be ready in case of an emergency. We’ve all heard about the “big one” that’s coming, so what are you supposed to do if/when it happens? Carson […]