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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse: Celebrities Geek Out On Twitter & Instagram

Show of hands…who stayed up for Monday’s lunar eclipse? Us morning show folk had to hit the hay early because of our 4 a.m. wake up call, but thank goodness, social media brought us up […]


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Watch The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Tonight In Los Angeles

Excuse us while we geek out, but we’re planning to stay up way past our bedtime to check out tonight’s blood moon lunar eclipse! It all goes down tonight beginning at 10:58pm. That’s when you’ll […]


Booker Sends Ryan For An Indepth Investigation of Weirdness @ Twilights Tent City

Yup, that was the longest blog post title in the world, and a few hours in Twilight’s tent city it seemed like the longest night in the world.  After seeing the coverage from countless national […]


AMP Mornings: Seena Visits Twilight Tent City

(Sorry to whoever’s sleeping in this pic… I couldn’t resist.) I went where no vampire has gone before… Hopped on AMP Mobile 9 and went out to see the crazy Twilight fans that have been […]


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Premiere!!

While Michelle was busy putting your name on the AMP guest list for the red carpet premier of Eclipse. Many of you called in to try to get your name on the list, but only […]


A Small Scene From ‘Eclipse’

The vamipires from Eclipse are some bloodsuckers this time around! Check out this latest movie bite after the jump!


Dakota Fanning Speaks Out On ‘Eclipse’

Dakota Fanning is really mad that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won the award of “Best Kiss” at the MTV Movie Awards, because she wanted that golden popcorn award for the kiss with Kristen Stewart […]


MTV Movie Awards: Release New ‘Eclipse’ Trailer

Last night on the MTV Movie Awards, a two-minute trailer was released for our viewing pleasure for the film Eclipse. The trailer had me on the edge of my seat as Bella makes a bold […]


Another New ‘Eclipse’ Trailer

The premier for Eclipse is just a few short weeks away! Hold on to your seats, because another new trailer has just been released and the battle is on between the vamps and the wolves! […]


‘Eclipse’ Wolf Pack Is Hot

With the third installment of Twilight about to hit the big screens, there are tons of new characters that we are about to get introduced to. In Style took the time to get to know […]