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‘Twilight’ Fanfic: Is ‘Beautiful Bastard’ The New ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?

We look at the wonder that is ‘Twilight’ fan fiction and tease the new novel you might be reading in 2013.


Brand Spanking New ‘Eclipse’ Trailers

In the third installment of Twilight, Bella (Kristen Stewart) begs to become a vampire so she can live life eternally with boyfriend Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) in this summer’s blockbuster Eclipse. So why is Rosalie Cullen, […]


New ‘Eclipse’ Clip, Plus Cast On Oprah

Yes, not only did advanced ticket purchases for Eclipse go on sale today, another trailer has hit the net! The clip is eerie, dark and showcases the Volturi. Also, some of the cast takes on […]


‘Twilight’ Dolls Ready To Hit Shelves

The Twilight franchise is one huge phenomenon that continues to grow with each movie that adapts from the books. Eclipse is gearing up to be a summer box office hit, and so is its memorabilia! Check […]