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The Bacon Emoji is Coming! Plus 37 New Ones You Need To See!

Earlier this year, we got a slew of new Emojis to our keyboards which were awesome. Well now it’s being reported that the Unicode 9 approvals for 2016 are well underway and we will be […]



Happy Emoji Day: 5 Things We Think Should Be Emojis

It’s National Emoji Day, ya’ll, and while we love a good pizza and panda bear emoji, we feel like there are some missing that could really be a great addition to our keyboards.



Apple Releases New Emojis in Latest Update, Internet Responds

The much awaited racially diverse emojis have finally arrived in the latest update for iOS 8.3. And as expected, the internet is both loving, and hating on the newest keyboard characters. The update has been […]


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Watch Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” Video Reworked With Emojis

By Nadia Noir How long until emojis make it into the dictionary? Or entire books written with emojis? These days, people are doing legit communication via emoji. If you’re sad, you use a cat with […]