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Carson Daly Gets Tipping Advice From Etiquette Expert

Yesterday, Carson and Producer Angie got into a huge discussion about who you should and shouldn’t tip. It all began the other night when a random customer at Islands called out Angie for tipping the […]


Tip Jar

Should I Tip For That? Carson Daly & Producer Angie Debate!

Producer Angie swung by Islands the other night to pick up some dinner from her family and she didn’t even think twice before plunking down a tip for the staff. That’s why she was caught […]


Producer Angie

Is It Rude To Text While Talking?

Producer Angie is nearly 8 months into her pregnancy, so she’s aware that hormones are surging through her body. But something just rubbed her the wrong way this weekend. In the middle of an in-person […]