Gangnam Style

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Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, & Maroon 5 Are Stuck On The Daly Download Like A Tattoo!

Happy Halloween, everybody! Things are festive here in the AMP Radio offices this morning. The whole morning show dressed up for the occasion. But you know who isn’t messing around? The contenders fighting for the […]


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Rihanna, PSY, & Ke$ha Are “Living Hard Just Like They Should” On The Daly Download!

It’s the day before Halloween, so we’re sure many of you are busy putting the finishing touches on your costumes, but don’t forget about the Daly Download! Have you been dying to see PSY or is […]


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PSY, Taylor Swift, & Bruno Mars Are In “Heaven” On The Daly Download!

Is it Monday already? The weekend passed by way too quickly! But fear not! Carson Daly is trying to make the start to your work week a little bit easier to swallow. He’s lined up […]


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Rihanna, Maroon 5, & Taylor Swift Are “Getting Back Together” On The Daly Download!

Happy Friday, everybody! It’s officially Halloween weekend, which means we’ll be keeping busy by going to costume parties and gorging ourselves on candy. However, before we can get to carving our pumpkins and drinking apple […]


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Bruno Mars, PSY, & Ke$ha “Keep Dancing” On The Daly Download!

The Daly Download is so unpredictable these days! It’s been a cutthroat battle for the number one spot every morning and not a single artist has been able to string together a repeat. It keeps […]


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“Gangnam Style” Makes It To The UN

“We have tough negotiations in the United Nations. I was thinking of playing ‘Gangnam Style’ so that everybody would stop and dance,” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said.


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Alex Clare, Rihanna, & Bruno Mars Take The Daly Download To Paradise

Believe it or not, we’re only one week away from Halloween. Do you know what your costume will be? Sure, you can go as a vampire, but perhaps you can take some direction from AMP […]



PSY Talks To Michelle About Living In Maroon 5′s Shadow And Drunken Dance Offs With Usher

South Korean pop singer PSY has been on everyone’s radar.  At the height of his career you’d think he would be on top of the world, but still has goals for himself that he’s yet […]



PSY “Gangnam Style” Halloween Light Show: Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

What does over 8,500 lights and roughly 250 channels of computer animation have in common with PSY and Halloween? You guessed it…a Christmas lights extravaganza 2 months too early. Hasn’t the world had enough of […]


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Ke$ha, PSY, & Maroon 5 Keep On Telling The Daly Download “Yes!”

It may only be Tuesday, but it’s already shaping up to be a busy week here at AMP. On Monday, Adam Levine dropped by to announce Maroon 5′s North American tour and their Red Bull […]