[Video] ‘Glee’ Cast Takes A Journey To UK ‘X Factor’

“Don’t Stop Believin’” that the creators of Glee are going to monetize their brilliant idea all over the globe! The cast of Glee (minus the most awesome actor on the show, Chris Colfer), stopped by […]


[Video] Full Songs From Tonight’s ‘Glee’ Episode

Are you Glee-king out yet? Well, are you? Tonight’s episode is upon us and we’ll quote a little bit of Grease (hey, we were theatre nerds, whaddya expect?): Mr. Schue’s “got a fever of 104 […]


[Video] ‘Glee’ Is Rocking ‘Rocky Horror’ For Their Halloween Episode

Now is the time to admit to the world a couple of your dirty little secrets. First, most Gleeks are or were high school drama geeks. Second, you or someone you knew dressed up like […]


‘Glee’-Cap: Grilled Cheesus, Losing Our Religion (And All the Fluid In Our Tear Ducts)

What happened to sex, drugs, and [lastfm]Britney Spears[/lastfm]? This week Glee wasn’t at all…gleefull. And it was too sad for us to handle with the grey clouds and drizzling rain in the Los Angeles sky. […]


‘Glee’ Tonight, Plus Music!

Heck yes… another Tuesday has come again, Glee is on Fox tonight! The Gleeks and the Cheerios are on their game and each episode gets better and better! Keep reading to see what girl the sexy […]