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Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Santa Monica High School Invites President Barack Obama To Graduation

Graduation season is in full swing and the students at Carson’s alma mater, Santa Monica High School, have some high hopes when it comes to selecting a speaker. A group of seniors have launched their […]


Photo by Christopher Furlong // Getty Images

Funnel Cloud Forms Over High School Graduation Ceremony!

You know that expression “Hold onto your hats?” Well, students at a southern New Jersey high school had to take that saying quite literally when a possible funnel cloud threatened their outdoor graduation ceremony. Students, […]


(Photo: AMP Radio/Los Angeles)

Flashback Friday With McCabe: Graduation Edition

For this Flashback Friday you’ll need a cap and gown to cover up your flannel shirt and fanny pack. We’re headed back to that day your parents bombarded you with photos, that one dude who […]



In Celebration Of Graduation Day: Our Favorite Musicians With Degrees

’tis the season of caps, gowns, and diplomas! Many of you are going to be graduating very soon! We want to say congratulations to you all and remind you that you’re in good company! We did […]


Photo by Al Bello // Getty Images

10 Things Justin Bieber Should Do To Celebrate Graduating High School

Justin Bieber is not your average teenage boy. He’s already taken his first trip to Europe — in fact he’s seen the whole world. He’s already gotten a full time job. And he can afford […]


lil’ Sis Graduation + Gaga = Frenzy

It is graduation season and Lady Gaga’s lil‘ sis made it through high school with flying colors! How cool is it to have your pop star sister show up in her craziest outfit yet…probably not […]