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Is It Okay To Use A Groupon On A First Date?

Every now and then, Carson and Producer Angie like to engage in a friendly debate. Today’s topic? Using Groupons on a first date! One of Producer Angie’s friends recently went on a first date with someone […]


Photo by Sarah Carroll // AMP Radio

Producer Angie Is A Groupon Addict!

Producer Angie has something she needs to get off her chest: she’s a total Groupon junkie. Yes, she’s always buying something crazy on the discount website, but recently, she brought in something that even we […]


Photo by Scott Olson // Getty Images

What Is The Weirdest Groupon You’ve Ever Bought?

If you’re a fan of the AMP morning show, then you probably know that Producer Angie is the queen of Groupon. She’s been known to engage in some late-night online shopping binges, including one for […]