Guess Who?

Can You Guess The Diva By Her Bling?

We love shiny things and, not shockingly, so do our favorite pop divas! In a sort of selfish effort to check out jewelry, we made a “guess who” game using the accessories of pop goddesses. […]


[Exclusive News] Guess Who Britney Spears Was Supposed To Tour With Before He Backed Out?

[photogallerylink id=80842] When we woke up this morning, all we could think about is how excited we were to see [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Britney Spears[/lastfm] on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight and that all our grown-woman-meets-teenage-girl-fantasies had come […]


Guess Who?: Which Pop Star Did a Photo Shoot Sans Make-Up?

On the runway, in the media, and on the red carpet, stylists and their muses have advocated natural beauty over the falseness of the overly made-up face. So which pop princess is one of the naturally […]


Guess Who?: Which Pop Diva Never Stopped Bedazzling?

Who is this creepy-cute child wearing the Barbie-pink version of Designing Women meets Jem and The Holograms with a dash of crazy-eyed tap-dance queen? Stare deeply into her eyes. It’s not as hard as you […]


Guess Who: Which Pop Star Teased Papparazzi in a Tiger Mask?

Take a good look. Do you recognize those piercing green eyes? What about the faux-orangey tan? And those whiskers and stripes? To die for! Curious who’s behind the mask?


Carson’s Big Guess Who Game

Everyone has been scrambling to win tickets to see [lastfm]Eminem[/lastfm] from Carson, but only a very lucky few can get the answer right on Guess that Rapper! Play along and hear our winners for today […]


Guess Who: Roller Baby

Who’s this little kid with her hair all done up in rollers?  This little monster grew up to be one of the most famous acts in music today. Think you know who it is?  Check […]


Guess Who: Golden Haired Highchair Baby

Can you figure out which AMP artist this blonde curly haired baby is?  Here’s a hint, she’s nominated for multiple Grammys! Keep reading for the answer!


Guess Who’s The Disney Darling!

Can you guess who this big top singer is? Here’s a hint, she has been performing in a three ring circus! Guess the right answer and earn points for Friends With Benefits!


Who’s The Rising Star?

Can you guess who this temperature challenged singer is?  Here’s a hint, she was recently nominated for a Grammy award! Think you know who it is?  Check for the answer after the jump!