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Macklemore, Bruno Mars, & Rihanna “Feel The Energy” Of The Daly Download!

Happy New Year, everybody! After some time off for the holidays, the AMP morning show is back in action. Our afternoon DJ, Booker, is filling in for Carson and he’s got a special treat for […]


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Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, & The Lumineers Are “Trying To Do It Right” On The Daly Download!

We did it! Just a few more hours and we’ll be clocking out for the long holiday weekend! But before we rush out the door, there’s a few housekeeping items that need to be attended […]


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Macklemore, Taylor Swift, & Rihanna “Become One” On The Daly Download!

Happy Friday Eve! Yup, that’s right, we’re just a day away from the holiday break. It’s so close we can practically taste it! But first, there’s a little matter we must sort out…the Daly Download! […]


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The Lumineers, Macklemore, & P!nk “Try” To Win The Daly Download!

We’re rapidly approaching the weekend, so that means all your favorite artists are giving one final push in hopes of capturing the #1 spot on the Daly Download before the holidays! In fact, one artist […]


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Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, & Rihanna “Shine Bright” On The Daly Download!

Happy Tuesday to you all! We’re only a few days away from our holiday break, so Carson is pulling out all the stops. This week, he’s getting you into the People’s Choice Awards! That’s right, […]


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Bruno Mars, The Lumineers, & Justin Bieber “Gotta Keep An Eye Out” For The Daly Download!

This week has been a doozy on the Daly Download, that’s for sure! First, The Lumineers set their sights on the top spot, but their reign was short-lived once Taylor Swift staked her claim with her […]


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Rihanna, Macklemore, & Taylor Swift “Walked In” To The Daly Download!

Move aside, Bruno Mars, Ke$ha, The Lumineers, and all you other Daly Download heavyweights. Taylor Swift is making her mark on Carson’s countdown and she determined to win it all. She made her top 5 debut […]


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Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, & Taylor Swift Are “Trouble” For The Daly Download!

Well, what do we have here? It looks like another Daly Download debut! For the past few days, The Lumineers have been the belles of Carson’s countdown, but Miss Taylor Swift is back with her latest single, […]


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Ke$ha, The Lumineers, & Justin Bieber Are “Gonna Party” On The Daly Download!

With two straight days at #1, Daly Download newcomers The Lumineers seem to be unstoppable, but you should never underestimate the sheer will and determination of Beliebers. Maybe it’s because Justin Bieber just extended his tour or […]


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Macklemore, Bruno Mars, & The Lumineers “Belong With” The Daly Download!

We get it. Mondays are the worst, but we here at AMP Radio are trying to make your wake up call a little more awesome, especially if you are a Little Monster. How, you ask? […]