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Things To Do In Orange County This Week (April 17-April 24)

Now that the stress of tax season has drawn to a close, it’s time to get out and preemptively spent that return.

Of course with Easter Sunday landing on another unofficial pseudo-holiday in 4/20, there will be a litany of green-themed nonsense, but we have assembled a solid list of alternatives that give you good reason to get off the couch.

Smoke yourself stupid later, there is plenty to do right now.


(Photo: A.J. Gordon / AMP Radio)

Jonn Hart & McCabe Talk First Jobs And Play A Round Of “Who Booty”

If you’re like us, you can’t stop asking “Who Booty is it? Who Who Booty is it?”.  AMP Radio’s McCabe caught up the Jonn Hart, who’s responsible for the question. The 23 year old “Who […]