Jon Gosselin

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Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Robin Thicke Throws A Divorce Party

Remember feeling so embarrassed for Robin Thicke every time he would beg his wife Paula Patton back while performing during his tour??? Well he isn’t feeling so sorry anymore.  Divorce papers have been filed and […]

97.1 AMP Radio–10/17/2014

AMP Mornings: Which Celebs Would You Banish to the Chilean Mine?

First off, how amazing is it that all these Chilean miners are being rescued? I haven’t been able to take my eyes off the news! But it got us here at the morning show thinking…wouldn’t […]


Gossip Gate: Tom Cruise, Khloe Kardashian

Tom Cruise might get his judgy dance on. Lamar Odom’s kids – Khloe who? Jon Gosselin trying to make a living as a superdouche.


Gossip Gate: Lindsay Lohan, Gwen Stefani

Lindsay Lohan debuts fashion line in Paris. Gwen Stefani is forty! What douchey thing did Jon Gosselin do now?


Gossip Gate: Kate Hudson and Halle Berry, K-Fed

Kate Hudson and Halle Berry are not knocked up. Neither is K-Fed, he’s just fat – but on purpose? Celebrity Fit Club here he comes!


Gossip Gate: Jay Z, Megan Fox

Jay Z takes down Elvis. Was Megan Fox a cutter before she was famous? Chris Brown puts on his orange vest. And more!


Gossip Gate: Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Lopez

Dakota Fanning is dating! Jennifer Lopez hasn’t outgrown her diva like behavior – are you surprised? And lots more!


Gossip Gate: Kelis and Nas, Jon Gosselin

Kelis and Nas’s greatest hit – a baby boy! Is Jon Gosselin is sowing his oats with every lady on the planet? What did Jude Law do? And more…


Gossip Gate: Chace Crawford, Amy Winehouse

Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick break up – as roomates. Amy Winehouse returns to human form. And lots more!


Gossip Gate: Ryan Reynolds, Jon Gosselin

Ryan Reynolds beats out Justin Timberlake to land huge role. Jon Gosselin has a new job, molding future douchebags.