Kobe Lifts Lakers on One Knee

Fresh off of a procedure that drained his knee of excess fluid, Kobe Bryant had his best game this playoff season as he lit up the Phoenix Suns for 40 points on 13- for 23 […]


The Lakers Take It All In Game 5

After a very long and exciting season, The Los Angeles Lakers are officially the world champions when they won’t it in game 5!


Lakers Play Hard and Win Hard

The Los Angeles Lakers had a huge first game of the NBA Finals, beating the Orlando Magic 100-75, but will they keep it up?


Lakers Prove They’re The Comeback Kings!

The Los Angeles Lakers showed up and got right to work beating the Denver Nuggets in Game 5, but will they do it again?


Amped Up Athletics: Lakers Beat The Nuggets

The Lakers take the Nuggets in game one of the Western Conference Finals, but do the Lakers have what it takes to win again?


Amped Up Athletics: Lakers Win And Lose Some

The Lakers beat The Houston Rockets effortlessly (108-94) with Kobe Bryant scoring 33 points in game 3 of the Western Conference.