Daly Download – What You Can Win!

Everyday, Carson informs the city of  L.A the top 5 downloaded songs of the day. We call this the Daly Download. On top of giving you guys awesome info, he hooks up a winner everyday […]


McCabe sends Martin to the Chaos!!

CONGRATS LOS ANGELES LAKERS! WE RUN LA!! It was Lakers insanity here in the AMP studios tonight.  I was wearing purple in their honor and checking the scores whenever I had a free moment. What a […]


Are You Going to the Lakers Parade?

Congrats to the 2010 NBA Champions the LOS ANGELES LAKERS! If you’re planning on joining us at the celebratory parade, here’s the info you’ll need.


Christina Aguilera Is Just That Good

The Lakers must have found their good luck charm, because they’re enlisting Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem for a consecutive time forGame 7 of the NBA Finals.  But can she top the beaming patriotism from her first […]


Fans Lead Lakers, Force Game 7

In unusual fashion, the Game 6 crowd managed to fill the Staples Center before the opening tip. Roars, chants, and boos were commonplace in the early minutes of the game. It seemed as if Laker fans wanted […]


Lakers Steal One Back

“We ain’t coming back to LA!” said Celtics guard Paul Pierce after they stole game 2 Sunday night at the Staples Center. Somebody MUST have forgotten to tell Mr. Pierce that in order for that […]


Lakers Hit with (Allen) Wrench

If you heard a loud noise coming from the Staples Center last night it was either one of two things.  The sound of a record shattering or the collective gasp from 18,997 people at the Staples Center […]


AMP Mornings: Lakers, BABY!

This morning, Carson sent our listeners on a hunt all over Los Angeles to win tickets to Sunday’s Playoff #2 basketball game at Staples Center! Our own Marcus was waiting for the mob to arrive […]


Carson’s Got Tickets to Sundays Game!!

Hey AMP fans!!! Tomorrow morning, Carson is going to hook one winner up with tickets to Sunday’s big game at the Staples Center!! Read More…


Kobe Goes for 5, NBA Finals Preview

We made it Lakers fans; this is what we have all been waiting for, the end is in sight. Pay close attention because we’re going to tell you what to watch for as the Lakers […]