Lee Dewyze

Carson Daly: Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Winners Of Perez’s Adele Cover Contest Sign To Ellen DeGeneres’s Record Label!

[photogallerylink id=104427] The internet is a beautiful thing and although it has been around for many years lots of pleasant surprises come from it! One such surprise came from our good buddy Perez Hilton‘s website […]


New ‘American Idol’ Tackles America’s Song

Following a tradition since American Idol‘s creation, the newly crowned Idol, Lee Dewyze, sang the “Star Spangled Banner” at Game 2 of the NBA Finals at the Staples Center. So how did the timid Lee […]


‘American Idol’ Finale: Surprises Galore!

The season 9 finale of American Idol had so many guest performances and surprises that made my jaw drop and not blink for a good straight two hours.  Come on, a duet between [lastfm]Michael McDonald[/lastfm] and […]


Lee Is A ‘Class Act,’ Crystal Kisses Up To Simon On ‘Idol’ Finale – Part 1

On night one of the season 9 finale of American Idol, the final two were each given three songs to show they’re “in it to win it.” Being the last time they’ll ever perform on Idol, […]


The Chosen Ones For ‘American Idol’ Finale

This is it. The final two have been decided for the Season 9 finale of American Idol next week.  In an elimination that shocked probably no one, beefcake Casey James was sent home until Idol goes on […]


The Top Three Battle To Make It To The ‘Idol’ Finale

The top three contestants pay a visit to their roots in their hometowns and find out what song the judges picked for them via a product placement text message.  So who stole the show and […]


American Idol: Beauty Beats The Beast

In the results show determining the final three contestants on American Idol, it wasn’t a shocker that “Big” Michael Lynche was eliminated…again. Re-watch his classy speech and see performances from former Idols, Fantasia and Daughtry.


American Idol: Everything Is Better In Twos

The final four Idol contestants take on cinematic tunes for movie night! Double threat artist, [lastfm]Jamie Foxx[/lastfm] was the guest mentor, schooling the kids on the difference between the “contestant” and their inner “artist” by making […]


Lady Gaga Gets Cut On ‘American Idol’

The Idol contestants weren’t the only ones subject to being cut from the “American Idol” stage, but even megastar [lastfm] Lady Gaga[/lastfm]’s anticipated performance was cut down due to time restraints.  See who America voted off […]


“A Funny Little Thing” Is Gone From ‘Idol’

It’s coming down to the wire on American Idol with the top five contestants revealed last night.  The competition is getting tighter as a fan favorite is sent home, leaving Crystal Bowersox to solely represent the […]