Let Her Go

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Katy Perry, Jason Derulo, & Passenger “Only Know You Love” The Daly Download

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a relaxing holiday weekend, but now, it’s time to get back to work! Carson has a brand new Daly Download to count down, and he’s counting on you to call […]


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Pharrell, Jason Derulo, & Lorde Are “On Each Other’s Team” During The Daly Download

Love is in the air…can you feel it? Tomorrow, we celebrate Valentine’s Day and it looks like the Daly Download is already getting in the mood. Pharrell’s beyond “happy,” Jason Derulo’s all about that dirty talk, […]


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Katy Perry, Passenger, & Bastille Have “Been Here Before” On The Daly Download

If you’ve been keeping track of the Daly Download these past few weeks, then you’ve probably noticed that the usual suspects are starting to settle into a holding pattern. The top five artists have remained the […]


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Jason Derulo, Bastille, & Pharrell Know “Can’t Nothing Bring Them Down” On The Daly Download

The clock is ticking if you haven’t started shopping for Valentine’s Day yet! Friday is the big day in case you haven’t been keeping track on your calendar. For those of you who haven’t come […]


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Passenger, Katy Perry, & Lorde “Sure Know How To Run” The Daly Download

Happy Monday! All this weekend, we’ve been obsessed with the Olympics, but now we’re taking a quick break from the wide world of sports to focus on another important battle…the Daly Download! It’s Carson’s countdown […]


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Jason Derulo, Pharrell, & Katy Perry “Know What You’re Falling For” On The Daly Download

Tonight’s the night, folks! Although some of the competitions actually began yesterday, the Winter Olympics are officially welcomed to Sochi, Russia during tonight’s opening ceremony. The festivities begin at 7:30pm tonight on NBC, but before […]


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Lorde, Jason Derulo, & Passenger “Let Her Go” On The Daly Download

That Budweiser commercial featuring the unlikely friendship between a Clydesdale horse and an adorable puppy was perhaps our favorite moment of the Super Bowl. Don’t judge us, it was a boring game! Anyway, if you […]