Levi Johnston

Gossip Gate: Johnny Depp, New Moon

Johnny Depp to be the world’s richest pirate. New Moon pandemonium – who wore what? Check out photos from the red carpet premiere!


Gossip Gate: Mariah Carrey, Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp

Mariah Carey tells Larry King about being in an abusive relationship. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp to be on screen lovahs. U2 does needs to learn the meaning of irony.


Gossip Gate: R. Kelly, Ellen Page

Is R. Kelly illiterate? Ellen Page working on new show about L.A. hipsters. Who’s getting pumped to be in Playgirl?


Gossip Gate: Michael Jackson, David Beckham

Michael Jackson to be buried on his birthday – creepy. David Beckham gets thrown out of a game. Dancing With the Stars is back. And more!


Light Reading: Michael Phelps and Miss California?

Amy Winehouse tries to channel Mario Batali and totally fails. Levi Johnston wants to write a book – also wants to know, ‘what’s a book?’