Mike Posner

AMP’s Top Songs: Far East Movement Edges Out The Competition

[lastfm]Far East Movement[/lastfm] have lead AMP’s Top Songs for the fourth week in a row.  Their staying power is infinite and it’s caused us to wonder who and what it will take to dethrone them. […]


[Music Video Premiere] Vevo Launches Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” Music Video

It’s a beautiful morning when you wake up to a brand spankin’ new [lastfm]Mike Posner[/lastfm] video. The Canadian born singer has transfixed our ears with his super-cool synthpop jam, “Cooler Than Me,” but don’t expect the same […]


AMP’s Top Songs: Far East Movement Reigns Supreme

Things continue to get better for [lastfm]Far East Movement[/lastfm].  The group has continually been in the Daly Download and now they’ve taken up the number one spot on AMP’s Top Songs two weeks in a […]


AMP’s Top Songs: Far East Movement Rises Above The Rest

It’s been a complete roller coaster here at AMP.  It looked like [lastfm]David Guetta[/lastfm] was going to hold strong in the number one spot on AMPs Top Songs, but [lastfm]Far East Movement[/lastfm] swooped in and […]


AMP’s Top Songs: David Guetta’s “Memories” Dominate Once Again

In [lastfm]David Guetta[/lastfm]’s battle for the top of the world he’s landed himself on the number one spot in AMP’s Top Songs with his hit “Memories,” knocking “Teenage Dream” singer, Katy Perry, down the list.  […]


AMP’s Top Songs: Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream Dethrones David Guetta’s “Memories”

[lastfm]Katy Perry [/lastfm]returns to the top this week, taking down [lastfm]David Guetta[/lastfm] and his “Memories” from the number one spot in AMP’s Top Songs.  While those two battle it out, there’s plenty of artists creeping […]


AMPs Top Songs: David Guetta Is Stuck In Your “Memories”

[lastfm]David Guetta[/lastfm] keeps up his stride taking the lead in AMPs Top Songs with “Memories.”  We wonder if he remembers when he owned the list earlier this year topping it for multiple weeks in a […]


AMPs Playlist: Usher’s Fallin’ In Love With The Number One Spot

[lastfm]Usher[/lastfm]’s new album Raymond v. Raymond has proved to be another set of hits, especially judging from the amount of hits rolling off the album.  This week it looks like he’s dethroned “Billionaire” [lastfm]Travie McCoy[/lastfm] […]


Daly Download: Top 5 Song Downloads For 7/28/2010

As always, Carson brings you the top 5 most downloaded tracks on the Daly Download. You know you wanna click on to see who made it on today’s list!


Daly Download: Top 5 Song Downloads For 7/26/2010

Check out the top 5 most downloaded songs on the Daly Download. The top artist has a little teaser for fans for this new single…see what it is after the jump!