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P!NK, Rihanna, & Demi Lovato Are “Putting My Defenses Up” For The Daly Download!

The ladies of the Daly Download are on fire! Rihanna’s been holding it down for a few weeks, but with Wednesday’s’ debut of P!NK’s latest track and the resurgence of Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack,” our female contenders […]


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Justin Timberlake, Macklemore, & P!NK “Give Me A Reason” To Love The Daly Download!

“Just Give Me A Reason,” P!NK’s collaboration with fun.’s Nate Ruess, has been a favorite of Carson’s for quite some time. Well, slowly but surely, the track is inching its way up the charts! Today, it […]


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Christina Aguilera, Bruno Mars, & Rihanna “Take Me All The Way” To The Daly Download!

This week, Carson’s giving away tickets to see Pitbull and Ke$ha at the Hollywood Bowl, but it’s Mr. Worldwide’s collaboration with another lady that’s making headlines on the Daly Download. “Feel This Moment,” featuring Christina Aguilera, […]


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Pitbull, Macklemore, & Justin Timberlake “Fight For Now” On The Daly Download!

It’s a brand new week, which means all of our Daly Download favorites are taking the opportunity to get a fresh start on Carson’s countdown! SoCal had no shortage of entertainment this past weekend with […]


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Bruno Mars, Rihanna, & Macklemore “Put Their Hands Up” For The Daly Download!

Happy AMPlify Day!! We are busy preparing for tonight’s big show at the Palladium, but before Calvin Harris, The Wanted, Trey Songz, and Zedd take the stage, we have a little business to take care […]


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Pitbull, Justin Timberlake, & Rihanna Go “Round & Around” On The Daly Download!

Some days, it seems like the Daly Download is a game of musical chairs! The top five contenders have stayed the same for the most part. It’s just a matter of determining who earned the […]


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Macklemore, Bruno Mars, & Justin Timberlake “Don’t Want To Lose” The Daly Download!

On Friday, Macklemore burst onto the scene with his latest track “Can’t Hold Us,” much to the surprise of the rest of the Daly Download. The Seattle rapper earned a fifth-place finish, but he just wasn’t […]


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Pitbull, Rihanna, & Justin Timberlake Are “Staring Back At” The Daly Download!

Sorry Pitbull and RiRi, but there’s just no stopping Justin Timberlake! His 20/20 Experience debuted huge with 968,000 copies sold, which is obviously impacting the Daly Download in a major way. Once again, he’s occupying two […]


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Bruno Mars, Christina Aguilera, & Justin Timberlake “Don’t Want To Lose” The Daly Download Now!

Yesterday, it was all about JT. Justin Timberlake blew away the rest of the competition with not one, but TWO of his current singles snagging spots in Carson’s coveted countdown. Can he defy all odds and […]


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Rihanna, Macklemore, & Justin Timberlake “Mirror” The Daly Download!

Attention all pop stars: this is Justin Timberlake’s world and the rest of you are just living in it! With an album release and a new music video, we figured this week couldn’t get any bigger […]