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Taylor Swift Prepares For SNL With A Kanye West Spoof!

Taylor Swift takes the Kanye West VMA incident in stride while making fun of it during one of her on-air promos.


Snap Judgement: Where The Wild Things Are

Can Spike Jonze’s film “Where The Wild Things Are” live up to the children’s book it’s based on? The child in us certainly hopes so!


Snap Judgement! This Weekend at the Movies!

AMP’s Blogger Orlando makes some quick calls on new movies coming out this weekend including, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hank, and More.


Great Drinks for Cinco de Mayo!

If you want to get your party on today but don’t know what to order, check out some of these great drinks to get your party going.


Girl’s Night: HJNTIY and a Margarita, Please

“He’s Just Not That Into You”: Now, it’s a movie. Before that, it was a book. Before that, it was a throwaway line on an episode of Sex and The City. (Taking notes, future culture-meisters?)…