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Top 5 Movies From The Weekend

This weekend at the movies your choices were toys, action, or laughs!  The numbers are in, and Booker gives you the run down on who took the top spot!


‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Red Carpet Premiere

Listen all week as we hook you up with the chance to win tickets to the RED CARPET PREMIERE of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse! Check out the details, photos, video, movie listings and more after […]


SHOCKING Photos of 50 Cent

Who knew this was going on with [lastfm]50 Cent[/lastfm]??? He’s been trying to focus on his acting career, which has led him to remove most of his tattoos AND go from his former 214lbs to […]


One… Two… Guess Who’s Coming For You

Guess what 80’s movie is getting a remake and is due to hit the big screen this month!


67th Annual Golden Globes

The 67th Annual Golden Globes will air this Sunday January 17th  on NBC @ 8pm. The show, hosted by Ricky Gervais, will be broadcast live and is sure to not disappoint. Fergie pictured above as […]


Lady Gaga Graces Gossip Girl With Her Presence

Lady Gaga gives “Gossip Girl” a whirl, performing her new single, “Bad Romance,” and we’ve got it for you!


Taylor Swift Is A Double Threat On SNL!

Taylor Swift continues to wow audiences by showing her comedic range during her appearance on Saturday Night Live.


Taylor Swift Prepares For SNL With A Kanye West Spoof!

Taylor Swift takes the Kanye West VMA incident in stride while making fun of it during one of her on-air promos.


Snap Judgement: Where The Wild Things Are

Can Spike Jonze’s film “Where The Wild Things Are” live up to the children’s book it’s based on? The child in us certainly hopes so!


Snap Judgement! This Weekend at the Movies!

AMP’s Blogger Orlando makes some quick calls on new movies coming out this weekend including, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hank, and More.