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New Music & Cover Art: Nicki Minaj Gets Girlie With ‘Right Thru Me’

[lastfm]Nicki Minaj[/lastfm] comes off as a bad-ass black Barbie, but this hip-hop chica shows us in her new single, “Right Thru Me,” that she is still a romantic, even if she is a rough-rider. The cover for […]


New Song: Lil Wayne featuring Drake, ‘Gonorrhea’

Whoa. You thought [lastfm]Lil Wayne [/lastfm]was hardcore before? You should hear him now. This dude is definitely not letting prison treat him like a sniveling pre-schooler.  His new single is named after a gross STD […]


Leaked Clip of Chris Brown’s New Single ‘Yeah 3x’

Yo, [lastfm]Chris Brown[/lastfm]? Where you been at? Your fans (and drooling female admirers) have been waiting for another one of your hooky singles to rock the radio. Is the leaked clip from your future single […]


New Music: Preview Of Shakira’s New Single, ‘Loca’

Sultry Columbian cantora, [lastfm]Shakira[/lastfm], has gone back to her latin-inspired rock ‘n roll roots with her new album due out in November, Sale El Sol.  AMP got a sneak peak of her first single, “Loca,” which […]


Title of Rihanna’s New Single Revealed!

Celebmonger, Perez Hilton, may make some obnoxious observations about our favorite AMP artists, but he does have an uncanny knack for uncovering exclusive insider info. Recently, Hilton just learned what [lastfm]Rihanna’s[/lastfm] first single off  her upcoming […]


Kanye West: New Artwork From His Single ‘Power’

Never before has an artist been deemed as egotistical and with such a huge Napoleon complex as [lastfm]Kanye West[/lastfm]. As evidenced by his new single “Power” out on iTunes tomorrow, he is embracing that image […]


Christina Aguilera: New Radio Revamped Single!

If [lastfm]Christina Aguilera[/lastfm]’s “Not Myself Tonight” is in your top rotation of tunes but you need a little more Xtina blowing up your radio, don’t despair. Aguilera’s new single “You Lost Me” from her album […]