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[New Music Video] Snoop Dogg Gets Royally Lubricated With ‘Wet’

The prim and proper British royalty are seemingly diametrically opposite from girl-loving, green-afficianado [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Snoop Dogg[/lastfm]. But when Snoop said he wanted to to write a song for Prince William’s bawdy bachelor party, the royal […]


[Music Video Premiere] Cee-Lo Green Has Colorful Definition Of Love In ‘It’s Ok’

Is it ok, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Cee-Lo Green[/lastfm], for us to say that we love you? Pretty much anything you touch turns into retro-infused, perfectly-constructed, lyrically-interesting, soul-wrenching, jaw-dropping, musical beauty. Yes, we will go overboard on our […]


[Music Video Premiere] Far East Movement Get Us High L.A. Style With ‘Rocketeer’

When [lastfm]Far East Movement[/lastfm] performed at our AMP’s Switch Party at Cinespace last month, one of our favorite songs was “Rocketeer.” And it’s no surprise why: featuring the tender tenor vocals of [lastfm]Ryan Tedder[/lastfm] and co-written […]


[Video] Teaser For Katy Perry’s New Video, ‘Firework’

Princess Purr, [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm], is known for her quirky antics and her crazy costumes as much as she is known for her fabulous music. We love her unique style, but sometimes all those glittery things […]


[Music Video Premiere] Vevo Launches Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” Music Video

It’s a beautiful morning when you wake up to a brand spankin’ new [lastfm]Mike Posner[/lastfm] video. The Canadian born singer has transfixed our ears with his super-cool synthpop jam, “Cooler Than Me,” but don’t expect the same […]


[Music Video Premiere] Miley Cyrus: Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman in ‘Who Owns My Heart’

Listen, it’s 2010. [lastfm]Miley Cyrus[/lastfm] is no longer Hannah Montana; she’s naughty, sultry, and seventeen. Get over it, Disney! So, “who owns her heart?” Is it her 6-year-old fans with Hannah Montana posters on their […]


[Video] This Time, Ke$ha ‘Takes It Off’ With Her Friends

Glitter, goblins, witches, warlocks, Silverlake hipsters; in [lastfm]Kesha[/lastfm]’s psychedelic wonderland, it’s probably all the same. Never one to let her experimental herbs and black light go to waste, Kesha rounded up a group of her “friends” i.e. local scene kids we […]


[New Music + Video] Soulja Boy, ‘Blowing Me Kisses’

Where have you been these last few months, [lastfm]Soulja Boy[/lastfm]? Creating new music that makes all the girlies “take a look in the mirror and say, ‘What’s up?”  Picking up a little of Justin Bieber’s pre-teen heart-melting […]


Music Video Premiere: MIA Just Wants Her ‘Story To Be Told’ (Poll!)

[lastfm]MIA[/lastfm] is cool, eclectic, eccentric, and exotic gorgeous; she is the girl who went mainstream who will never, ever be “mainstream” and that’s what makes her diamond nose piercing in the rough. She’s always been experimental, but […]


Music Video Premiere: Kelly Rowland is Look Through ‘Rose Colored Glasses’

[lastfm]Kelly Rowland[/lastfm] is one of the oft-neglected former members of [lastfm]Destiny’s Child[/lastfm], but [lastfm]Beyoncé [/lastfm]better recognize: this girl is a bona-fide star. Her new music is anthemic, danceable, and female-friendly i.e. everything we would expect from […]