Producer Angie pregnant

Photo by Sarah Carroll // AMP Radio

Welcome Back, Producer Angie!

If you couldn’t tell, we’ve been missing our daily dose of Producer Angie on the morning show. Well, after nearly 9 weeks of maternity leave, she’s back in action on AMP Radio! Carson welcomed her […]


Producer Angie

Producer Angie Gears Up For Her AMP Radio Return!

It seems like Producer Angie gave birth to little Kellen Quinn just yesterday, but believe it or not, she’s been gone for 2 months and is coming back to the AMP airwaves next week. But […]



Producer Angie & Baby Kellen Visit AMP Radio!

Producer Angie isn’t due to return from her maternity leave for about 10 more days, but today she decided to surprise us all by popping into the studio with baby Kellen Quinn! Carson couldn’t wait […]