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Punk Goes Pop 5: Rock Covers Of Gotye, Carly Rae Jepsen, Maroon 5, fun.

Blasting this disc is sure to upset your little sister. Punk Goes Pop beautifully massacres 13 of today’s most popular Top-40 sing-alongs.


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[Video] AMP Radio Gets Punked…Twice!

Here at AMP Radio, we’re a pretty laid-back bunch of music fanatics. But you can never let your guard down completely because that’s when the pranksters come out to play! Recently, everyone at our dumpy […]


Hot v. Not! Lindsay Lohan v. Kate Gosselin

In this weeks edition of Hot v. Not! Lindsay Lohan goes head to head with Kate Gosselin of “John and Kate Plus Eight” Who will win?


Hunk v. Punk! Franco v. Random Dude!

This week’s Hunk v. Punk takes a different turn when James Franco goes up again some totally random guy. Find out who is a hunk.


Hunk v. Punk! Ferrell v. Jonas

This week’s Hunk v. Punk takes a surprising comedic turn when Will Ferrell goes up against Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers.


Hunk v. Punk! Conan v. Leno!

Future late night legend Conan O’Brien goes up against former Vice President Dick Cheney in a battle of Hunk v. Punk!


Hunk v. Punk! Bale V. Patterson!

Terminator Salvation’s Christian Bale and Twilight’s Robert Patterson go toe to toe in this weeks edition of Hunk v. Punk!


Hunk v. Punk! What’s Going on With His Face? Edition

Is it possible for Matthew McConaughey to top boths sides of the spectrum in this week’s Hot v. Not?


Hunk v. Punk!: The King of England v Spencer Pratt

Orlando happily chooses two boys and classifies them justly, or does he? You decide! This week “The King of England” and “The Joker of the Hills,” Spencer Pratt.


Hunk v. Punk!

Welcome to our first installment of Hunk v. Punk! Orlando happily chooses two boys and classifies them justly, or does he? You decide!