Popchip Rescue At AMP Radio

Here at AMP Radio, we are firm believers in “leaving no man behind.”  So when I passed the vending machine on the way to leave work, and saw that a bag of helpless Popchips have been […]


You Want To Talk To Bieber? Oh.. I Got Bieber

Well hello there.  It’s been a while since I have written a  post.  Mostly because I have been answering about a thousand phone calls an hour for [lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm].  No.. not requests, people want to TALK […]


Have Your Cake & Eat It Too? For Booker, Not So Much…

What’s up guys ‘n gals.  My name’s Ryan.  I’m part of the AMPtourage, blogging for AMPRadio.com, and DJ Booker’sPhone Op.  We had our weekly AMPtourage meeting today and we surprised our newest Amp Radio DJ Michelle with a […]


Denny’s Gives Away Free Grand Slam Breakfasts

Denny’s is giving away FREE Grand Slam Breakfasts until 2 P.M. today, Tuesday Feb. 9, 2010.