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Shakira Not So “Loca” In New Music Video “Sale El Sol”

Ever-quaking popstar [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Shakira[/lastfm] recently released “Loca.” The hit featured the machine-gun-paced staccato vocals of U.K. grime artist [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Dizzee Rascal[/lastfm], and an awesome cover of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]xx[/lastfm]’s song – “Island.”


Shakira Brings The Rock En Espanol For “Sale El Sol” Clip

How do you like your pop stars? Singing in the snow? Twirling in a beautiful dress in the middle of a maze? If so, it appears that [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Shakira[/lastfm]’s your girl in the clip for […]


[Video] Shakira Gets ‘Loca’ On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Straight off, the release of her new album Sale el Sol, [lastfm]Shakira[/lastfm] took Dancing With The Stars to a whole new hip-shakin’, pelvic-gyratin’ level and made us wish we had more pairs of sequined genie […]


Shakira Returns To Her Roots On “Sale el Sol”

[pullquote quote=”And I’m crazy, but you like it, You like that it ain’t easy” credit=”Shakira from ‘Loca’”] Before [lastfm]Shakira[/lastfm] exploded onto the American music scene in 2001 with her first bilingual album Laundry Service the […]


Shakira Talks On ‘The Today Show’

October starts on Friday. [lastfm]Shakira[/lastfm]’s new album, Sale El Sol, comes out in October. This is all the justification we need to tell you about [lastfm]Shakira[/lastfm]’s appearance on the Today show last Friday. Because we […]


New Music (And Poll!):Shakira’s New Single & Album Cover

Remember when we teased you with a preview of Shakira’s new single, “Loca,” off  her upcoming album, Sale El Sol? We know you’ve been cracked out on Frappuccinos, eyes glued on AMP, and waiting for […]


New Music: Preview Of Shakira’s New Single, ‘Loca’

Sultry Columbian cantora, [lastfm]Shakira[/lastfm], has gone back to her latin-inspired rock ‘n roll roots with her new album due out in November, Sale El Sol.  AMP got a sneak peak of her first single, “Loca,” which […]


Shakira’s New Album: A Little Sunlight With the Heartbreak

Bohemian babe, [lastfm] Shakira[/lastfm], is known for shaking hips worldwide in solidarity with her eclectic Latina gypsy infused rock-pop. Her music has mixed completely different aspects of culture and as probably increased sales in belly […]