Santa Monica High School

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Santa Monica High School Wrestling Coach Fights Student

A Santa Monica High School teacher has been placed on administrative leave after being caught on tape fighting a student in a classroom. When Mark Black, who is also a wrestling coach, confronted a student […]


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Carson Daly Chats With #GetObamaToTheGreek High Schoolers

Yesterday, Carson told us all about a video made by students from his alma mater, Santa Monica High School. Turns out President Obama will be in town during their graduation this Friday, so they posted […]


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Santa Monica High School Invites President Barack Obama To Graduation

Graduation season is in full swing and the students at Carson’s alma mater, Santa Monica High School, have some high hopes when it comes to selecting a speaker. A group of seniors have launched their […]


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Santa Monica High School Stands Up To Anti-Gay Protesters

Carson, a born and raised SoCal boy, is a proud alum of Santa Monica High School. Today, he’s celebrating his alma mater for standing strong against hate. An organization that’s known for picketing soldiers’ and […]