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Woman Plunging SoCal Toilet Pulls Up 5 1/2-Foot Snake

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Officials in San Diego are trying to sort out how a 5 1/2-foot snake wound up in a toilet at an office building.


Randy Holmes/ABC

Jimmy Kimmel Interviews “Eaten Alive’s” Paul Rosolie

Remember when that guy said he was going to get eaten alive by an anaconda and then didn’t? Yeah, that was lame.


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Watch Sneak Peek Of Man Eaten Alive By Anaconda For Discovery Channel TV Special

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Hmmm…I wonder what it would feel like to be eaten alive by a snake?”



Quantas Airways Flight Has Real Snakes On A Plane!

Shocked passengers on a Qantas Airways flight from Australia to Papua New Guinea are sick of these mother f***ing snakes on their mother f***ing plane…seriously! A 10-foot python was spotted on the wing of the […]