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Producer Angie’s Olympics Update: Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics…And Judo?

The Olympics can be a little daunting with all these sports going on at the same time, so Producer Angie is here to give you the highlights. And while it seems like the summer games […]


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Olympics Opening Ceremony: What To Watch For!

We’ve been looking forward to the start of the summer Olympics for quite some time now and tonight, it finally begins! Producer Angie scoured the internet any interesting tidbits she could find and here’s what […]


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Producer Angie’s Olympics Update: Women’s Soccer

The Olympics opening ceremony doesn’t go down until tomorrow, but the competitions have already begun! The U.S. women’s soccer team played its first round against France and it was a nail biter for awhile. They […]



David Beckham’s Signature Kick: Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

David Beckham is arguably one of the best soccer players the sport has ever seen and one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. Fortunately for us, he calls Los Angeles and the Galaxy […]


Carson Daly: Which Spice Girl is Preggers?

It seems like every couple years or so, yet another [lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Spice Girl[/lastfm] becomes pregnant.  Well, like clockwork, another one has announced she is expecting a little bundle of joy…so which one is it?


Carson Daly: Paul the Octopus Dies

Oh noooooes! Paul the Octopus, who rose to fame by accurately predicting the winners of several World Cup games, has died!


Vuvu-What? A Vuvuzela!

Recently, if you’re in the streets of Los Angeles or a sports stadium abroad, you’ll hear a very recognizable sound emanating from the fans. This is especially true now that the World Cup is raging […]


AMP Mornings: Where to Watch the World Cup

Ole Ole Ole Ole… The 2010 World Cup has officially kicked off! Where can you go out in your town to catch the games and celebrate with your fellow soccer (I mean… football) fans? Check […]