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Hot Debate Guy Is The Real MVP Of The GOP Presidential Debate"Hot Debate Guy" became a viral sensation on social media Wednesday night and now we're learning a little bit more about the mysterious man.
Man Buns Of Disneyland Instagram Creator Chats With Carson DalyYes, there's an entire Instagram account devoted to men who sport the hairdo at the theme park.
WATCH: Nicki Minaj Says Taylor Swift Called To Personally Apologize For Their VMA Twitter FeudSo, could a Minaj/Swift collaboration possibly be in the works now that their feud is officially over?
Carson Daly Breaks Down The Nicki Minaj-Taylor Swift MTV VMA Twitter SitchCarson gets why Taylor Swift may feel slighted by the whole situation, but he completely agrees with the much bigger issue Nicki raised.
Iggy Azalea Blames The Media For Her Beef With Britney SpearsDid the media play a role in creating this feud or is Iggy the one who's stirring the pot? Mornings with Carson Daly discussed the drama earlier this morning.
Lakers' #27 Draft Pick Larry Nance Jr. Once Tweeted Kobe Bryant Was A RapistAnything posted on the Internet lives forever and 22-year-old Larry Nance Jr. is learning that the hard way this morning.
Carson Daly Does 20 'Kid Curls' For The #GiveThem20 ChallengeCarson enlisted the help of his three children to help him complete the challenge that salutes our country's military and it's pretty stinkin' cute!
Teacher Promises To Cancel Final Exam If Taylor Swift Calls HimA student got his teacher to shake on it and a picture of their signed agreement went viral in just a few days!
From Cyber-Bullied To Celebrated! LA Holds A Big Party For The Dancing Man
Mornings With Carson Daly Discuss The Charlie Charlie ChallengeSimilar to a Ouija Board and Bloody Mary, it's intended to summon the spirits. Specifically, a Mexican demon named Charlie. Don't ask...we couldn't make this stuff up!
You Can Now Serve Divorce Papers On FacebookFacebook is a great way to reconnect with old friends, new friends, and family, but according to a judge, a Brooklyn woman can use the social network to sever ties with her husband.
Mom's Facebook Apology For Her Daughters' Bad Behavior At A Movie Theater Goes ViralWhen Kyesha Smith Wood found out her daughters were disruptive and rude at a movie theater showing of Cinderella, she wanted to make things right.