South Africa


WATCH: Lion Opens Car Door At Safari Park

Rule #1 when you’re going on a wild animal safari? Lock your darn doors, you dummy!


Photo by Craig Prentis/Allsport/Getty Images

Magwa Falls Bungee Jumping: Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

I’m a very analytical person, which can be a problem because you sometimes overthink the simplest of things…like when it comes to jumping off a cliff, out of a plane, or strapping myself into a […]


Photo by ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images

Fake Sign Language Interpreter Crashes Nelson Mandela’s Memorial

You’d think at an event as prestigious as Nelson Mandela’s memorial, every last detail would be painstakingly planned, but it turns out that wasn’t the case. Somehow, a fake sign language interpreter was appointed to […]



Lady Gaga Ignores Security In South Africa

Little Monsters flocked to the airport for a chance to meet her, waiting for her arrival even when the flight was delayed. But fans weren’t greeted with the warm welcome they were hoping for.



Mandela Story: Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

Social media is a powerful force! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are tools for sharing funny things and your daily life with friends, family, and strangers across the globe. It’s also a very important medium […]


Photo by Michael Steele // Getty Images

Double-Amputee To Compete In Summer Olympics

Another day, another awesome story about the Olympics. This one comes out of South Africa. Double amputee Oscar Pistorius has defied all the odds by qualifying for the individual 400-meter and the 4×400 relay team. Pistorius […]


Paris Hilton Busted Again!

  Uh oh! There’s more marijuana drama for [lastfm]Paris Hilton[/lastfm], but she’s denying all the allegations. Keep reading for all the details…