Star Wars


Gangnam Han Solo Style: Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

Park Jae-sang or who you might know as PSY is everywhere and I can’t take it anymore. PSY went to the Berklee College of Music, the same place that gave us a guy that wanted to […]



Times Square Crutch Fight – Lightsabers Edition: Surfer Stephen’s Viral Video Of The Day

The samurais were the military nobility of Japan. They were a class of highly-skilled warriors who wore two swords, together called daisho – “long and short.” The katana, a curved blade over 24 inches long, […]


Carson Daly: Jet Blue Flight Attendant Busts Out Rapping Skills

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about our favorite flight attendant, Steven Slater.  Remember, he was the guy who freaked out a passenger, cracked open 2 beers, and took off down the plane’s emergency […]


Lightsabers Are No Longer Fantasy

It’s a good day for Star Wars fans worldwide.  Jedi wannabes can now channel the force using their very own, real-life lightsaber. Put away those plastic, light up toys — this thing is no joke — but important […]


See Snoop Dogg With A Light Saber

I don’t what it is with sport franchises getting together with Star Wars lately, but I can’t get enough of it.  First there was the Dodgers game with Star Wars theme night, now an Adidas ad with […]


The Force Is Strong With This One, TomTom

Months ago I posted a blog on [lastfm]Snoop Dogg[/lastfm] being a voice option for your TomTom.  Just when I thought they couldn’t get any better TomTom totally out did themselves. Lord Vader can now direct you to your mom’s […]