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[Video] ‘Glee’ Is Rocking ‘Rocky Horror’ For Their Halloween Episode

Now is the time to admit to the world a couple of your dirty little secrets. First, most Gleeks are or were high school drama geeks. Second, you or someone you knew dressed up like […]


Glee Week: What We’re Waiting For

We’re here! We’re here! It’s like Christmas morning for Gleeks across the country, as tonight the Fox show returns to the airwaves with its season premiere. While you wait (IMPATIENTLY!) to get through the day, […]


Glee Week: The Best Of Brittany and Sue

They’re not the leads, they don’t have the biggest parts, but Brittany and Sue Sylvester are two of our favorite characters on “Glee.” Check out some of our favorite moments from the Jester and the […]


Glee Gets Physical Next Week

We are already gearing up for next weeks episode of glee. So whip out your wristbands and leg warmers [lastfm]Glee[/lastfm] is taking you back to the 80’s and their going to get physical! Keep reading […]


Sneak Peek On Glee’s Madonna Episode, We’ve Got Free Tracks From The Show & More!

Each week Glee seems to be pulling out all the stops and growing in popularity at the same time. We found a sneak peek video that will have you begging for more ‘Material Girls,’ and […]


Madonna’s No Fan of ‘Glee’

Glee was amazing last night… OMG! It’s the talk of the halls over here at AMP! With Songs from [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm] being featured on the episode you would think that [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm] would be stoked, but y’all got another […]


Must Have Apparel From Glee

Sue freakin’ Sylvester is the most stern coach I know on a TV show, shoot stern isn’t even the half of it, she keeps it real! So why not sport a tee with her crazy a$$ […]