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How To Know If A Guy Is Interested In You Based On His Text Messages

Women’s lifestyle website Vixen Daily conducted a survey that sheds light on men’s texting habits.



Average Woman Spends Five Hours A Week Taking Selfies

According to a new study, this 21st century epidemic is getting out of hand.


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Los Angeles Is Allegedly One Of The Nation’s Least Friendly Cities

Los Angeles has amazing weather, diversely gorgeous landscapes, and some of the most glamorous people in the world. But according to a Conde Nast Traveler’s Reader Choice survey, it’s one of the least friendly cities in the country. What constitutes “friendly?” Apparently, whatever they are doing in the South.


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Carson Daly Takes The Friend Survey!

How good of a friend are you? That’s the question Producer Angie posed to Carson today. Earlier this morning, she found the results of a survey which asked people the lengths they would go to […]


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A Third Of Americans Believe In UFOs??

According to a brand new survey from the National Geographic Channel, a whopping 36% of Americans believe that aliens actually exist somewhere out there. And that’s not all, 1 in 10 claimed they’ve actually seen […]