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Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Rosario Dawson Adopts A Little Girl

Seriously, so many great things happen during the holiday season! Rosario Dawson has another reason to be grateful, she just adopted a little girl!!! These are the stories we love!  Not too much is known […]

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The Best and Worst Holiday Albums of 2013

Allow us to guide the soundtrack to your Holiday with five must-have collections (on the Nice List) and five to send back to Santa (on the Naughty List). You know, like the song.

12/02/2013 Trends: Pop Stars Go Head To Head At Grammys

While the Best Rap and Pop albums might cross paths on your playlists, they’re kept pretty separate at The Grammy Awards. Just as well; Eminem might have met his match with today’s nominees. Trends […]


Get ‘Glee’-full!: Season 2 Spoilers

This summer, you don’t have to cry into your karaoke microphone; EW has enough Season 2 spoilers to satisfy even the most obsessive Gleek. Will New Directions finally beat Vocal Adrenaline? Do Emma and Will Schuester tie […]


Ke$ha ‘Tik Toks’ Her Way To The Top Of The Billboard 200

Pop’s favorite new vixen, Ke$ha stomped on Susan Boyle’s dreams when the “Tik Tok” singer’s album Animal came in the number one spot on the Billboard 200. To get the details and more Ke$ha info […]


Taylor Swift Beats Out Susan Boyle On CD Sales

The numbers are officially out, and the pop-country 19 year old sensation, Taylor Swift beat out Susan Boyle, Lady Gaga and our dearly departed Michael Jackson to make Fearless the Best Selling Album of 2009. […]


Lady Gaga And Susan Boyle Together Could Be Big Monsters

2009 was a great year for 23 year old Lady Gaga and 48 year old Britain’s Got Talent phenom, Susan Boyle. But 2010 could be even better if these two collaborated.


Light Reading: Michael Phelps and Miss California?

Amy Winehouse tries to channel Mario Batali and totally fails. Levi Johnston wants to write a book – also wants to know, ‘what’s a book?’


Light Reading: Lindsay and Leo? Madonna

Are Lilo and Leo Dicaprio hooking up – probs not. And what sent Madonna to the hospital this weekend?