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Best “Sharknado 2” Celebrity Cameos

Show of hands? Who was able to make it through the entire TWO HOURS of Sharknado 2? Yes, us neither. We could barely keep it together after following along with this drinking game! The campy SyFy […]


Photo by Alexander Klein/AFP/Getty Images

‘Sharknado’ Social Media Craze Spawns Possible Sequel

Last Thursday, our Twitter feeds were inundated with posts about the campy Syfy made-for-TV movie, Sharknado. But here’s what we’re wondering…who actually watched it? Carson posed this very question earlier today, considering it only racked […]


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50 Cent Blasts Off On New SyFy Show “Dream Machines”

50 Cent will be appearing on the premier episode of the SyFy network’s unscripted TV show, Dream Machines, with designs for a custom race car from the future. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the episode […]