Too Close

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Maroon 5, Alex Clare, & Justin Bieber “Take Their Chances” On The Daly Download!

You know that Daly Download rivalry we mentioned yesterday? Yup…it’s still in full effect! We were a bit surprised when Maroon 5 dropped off the countdown yesterday, but have no fear, they are back in action […]


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Taylor Swift, Flo Rida, & Kanye West Show The Daly Download Some “Mercy!”

Looks like we have an old-fashioned rivalry brewing in the race for the Daly Download crown. Taylor Swift started strong when she first debuted her break up anthem “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” but […]


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Ellie Goulding, Maroon 5, & Alex Clare “Can’t Hide No More” On The Daly Download!

The MTV VMAs is hands-down, one of the most exciting awards shows of the entire year. They always lock down a killer line-up of performers and when you put all those crazy pop stars in […]


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Alex Clare, Taylor Swift, & Flo Rida “Come Real Close” To The Daly Download!

Well…it had to happen sometime. Someone knocked Queen Taylor Swift off her Daly Download throne. The country darling has spent much of the past week and a half atop the charts, but it’s tough to maintain […]


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Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, & Ellie Goulding Have “Overthrown” The Daly Download!

The lovely Taylor Swift is making headlines this weeks thanks to her brand new single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” It set the record for most digital downloads by a female artist in one […]


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Alex Clare, Justin Bieber, & Taylor Swift “Never Say Never” To The Daly Download!

You know what they say…when you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll! No one knows this better than than the lovely Taylor Swift. She’s on track for world domination with her latest single, “We […]


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Flo Rida, Ellie Goulding, & Alex Clare Are “Too Close” To The Daly Download!

Another day, another newcomer to the Daly Download! You may not know Alex Clare by name, but you’ve probably heard his hit song “Too Close” on the TV commercials for Internet Explorer. Now that he’s conquered […]


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Alex Clare Reflects On His Rocky Ride To Success

“I ate nothing but Ramen noodles for years,” Clare said