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Viral Video: Motorcyclist Goes Around The World In 360 Degree, 3 Year Epic Selfie Compilation

I’m not sure about you, but some mornings when my alarm goes off, I want to smash it with a sledgehammer, put it in an envelope with a stamp, and send it back to Apple […]


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Viral Video: Michael Sam Celebrates NFL Draft

History was made over the weekend when the St. Louis Rams picked up the league’s first openly-gay player, Michael Sam, during the 7th round of NFL Draft. Much like the Brooklyn Nets player Jason Collins, it’s people […]



Viral Video: Best Fails Of The Week

Happy Friday and welcome to the end of the work or school week. Sometimes, we have better weeks than others. Some are good and some are bad, but we make it through in one piece, […]


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Viral Video: Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast”

Lana Del Rey’s song “Summertime Sadness,” off her second album Born to Die, has to be the most-played song of all time here at AMP Radio.  Actually, to get technical, it’s the remix version by […]


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Viral Video: Family Feud Fast Money Fail

There is no greater gift than an epic Family Feud fail, right? Remember nekkid grandma? That was comedy gold! Well, there’s a new clip making the rounds on the interwebs and it’s being described as […]


Photo by Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Viral Video: Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, & Jimmy Fallon Dress In Drag For Tonight Show’s “Ew!”

The movie Neighbors is coming out this weekend, starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, and I have to say, it looks hilarious. The cast has been making the rounds on all the talk shows, from […]


Photo courtesy of ABC

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Mothers To Share Shocking Secrets Their Kids Don’t Know About Them

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and while we all like to think our mothers are perfect little angels, they were also wild and crazy kids at one point or another! Jimmy Kimmel wants […]


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“Look Up” Video Talks About Loneliness of the Social Generation

This video has 22 million views. We could try and explain what it’s about but we’ll give you the description from the video itself: ‘Look Up’ – A spoken word film for an online generation. […]


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Viral Video: ’90s Alt-Rock Vocal Hook Supercut

I remember the 1990s very well, considering I graduated high school, made a lot of mistakes, learned a little, made some more mistakes, and grew as a young person during that time.  If you don’t make […]


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Viral Video: The Beygency on “Saturday Night Live”

I was at a BBQ on Saturday, but was home early enough to catch Saturday Night Live with host Andrew Garfield and musical guest Coldplay. The SNL cast has some really great talent this season […]