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[Music News] Carson Daly: Adele Admits To Major Stage Fright

[photogallerylink id=104427] Performing in front of large groups of people is many people’s biggest fear, but you’d think big time pop stars like [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Adele[/lastfm] would be pretty used to the adrenaline rush by now. […]


[Viral Video] 9-Year-Old Boy Dances With Style & Grace To Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ In 1991

Confession time: Somewhere, in my parents’ garage, there is a video of me doing a choreographed dance I learned from an *Nsync video. The idea of that video being exposed on the internet haunts me […]


[Poll] Vogue Says Lady Gaga 2010 Face Of Fashion; Do You Agree?

Vogue might be the haute couture fashion trendsetters for a decidedly well-off group of fashionistas, but in terms of knowing what is truly popular in fashion, do they speak to the public as a whole? […]


Lady Gaga is ‘Just a Childish Diva.’

It’s the battle of the blonde bobs! Vogue‘s HBIC and Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour versus Cow-Couture Crazy, [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm]. Who will win in the fight for the title of “Ultimate Diva?” According to Wintour, Gaga might take […]


Lady Gaga Hospitalized Six Times in 2009

We’d like to think our icons are impervious to the pitfalls that many other artists fall victim to, but perhaps our optimism makes us blind to the truth. This story involves the one-and-only [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] […]


Lady Gaga Vogues For iD Magazine

Our girl [lastfm]Lady Gaga[/lastfm] always gets slack for stealing Madame [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm]’s style; critics tend to forget that they have a lot of things in common already. Both are Italian-American, both are products of the New York […]


Crystal Renn Unleashes Her Full-Figured Fury Against Photoshop Faux-Pas

Until a few decades ago, curves were seen as a symbol of fertility and opulence, but the attitude of “you can never be too rich or too skinny” became pervasive in our culture as a status […]



[lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm] should be so proud of the cast and crew of Glee, they rocked the house last night! “The Power of Madonna” episode had it all, culture references (WWMD – What Would [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm] Do?) plenty of snarkiness from Coach […]


Sneak Peek On Glee’s Madonna Episode, We’ve Got Free Tracks From The Show & More!

Each week Glee seems to be pulling out all the stops and growing in popularity at the same time. We found a sneak peek video that will have you begging for more ‘Material Girls,’ and […]


Madonna’s No Fan of ‘Glee’

Glee was amazing last night… OMG! It’s the talk of the halls over here at AMP! With Songs from [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm] being featured on the episode you would think that [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm] would be stoked, but y’all got another […]