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Add 100% More Skrillex To Your Daily Internet Experience

Canadian music TV channel AUX have created the Skrillex Machine, which inserts a photo of Skirllex and an endless loop of bass on top of any website you like.


AMP Mornings: What Would You Do For $5?

This morning, Carson Daly talked about a crazy new website,  The site is set up so you can provide a good or service to someone for $5 OR you can ask someone to complete […]


[Poll] AMP Mornings: Creepy Celebrity-Tracking Website Launches Next Week

  A new website,, has lots of celebrities all freaked out.  Find out why after the jump!


AMP Mornings: Waste Some Time on the Internet

Boss not looking? Got internet in your lecture hall and bored to death by your professor with the awful toupee? Check out these sites… You’re welcome. :]


Carson’s Website Pick: The Doggie Gaga Project

I can’t STAND dogs dressed in clothes. It makes me cringe to see girls walking around in Hollywood with their little Chihuahuas or Pomeranians in mini bedazzled sweaters and pink booties… Well, Carson sent me a […]